molly garvin is the seventeen year old editor/founder of TLP.  she posts daily about lifestyle and diy content while documenting lots of her own adventures along the way! 

she has lived in chicago her whole life, and her heart is in the city. it is her dream to live at least a year in new york, LA, and san francisco. she really does love the city. the people, the awesome taco shop on a street you've never been to that becomes your new favorite place to buy washi tape (seriously, it's happened), the whole shebang. 

besides blogging, she runs cross country and track. you might also find her with a pair of gold scissors, a screen printing machine, and felt in her hand, creating pennant flags for her business, Flag Fest

now that you know a little bit more about molly, tell her more about your self! she'd love to know your favorite ice cream flavor! (hers is chocolate peanut butter.) she'd love to talk biz, or just chat with you! contact her at thelollyprojectblog@gmail.com.  

see the FAQ page here.


age // 16 (yep. i'm a teenager.)
favorite food // hawaiian burgers with pineapple
favorite color // lilac
when i first started blogging // November 2013
dream college // ONU (go tigers!)
favorite chicago attraction // Millenium Park
why "THE LOLLY PROJECT"? // i started this blog with my
best friend Lauren. we combined our names, because the blog was a part
of both of us. lauren now has here own blog - unique & co. check her out here!

still have questions? email me at thelollyprojectblog@gmail.com

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  1. Hello, I'm Holly :)
    I just found your blog (I've been looking at so many blogs recently I forgot where I saw your button!), and I really love it!!! It's SO professional and gorgeous, yet you have so much personality that just shines through! :)
    In February, I created my blog Summer Sky, a DIY and Lifestyle blog. I know I'm totally a novice blogger, but would you be interested in an ad swap?
    Thank you so much!

    Summer Sky
    P.S. You could also email me at summerskydesigns@gmail.com



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