so... you came to the normal site and got redirected. what? is this a mistake? NO NO NO! we assure you it's no mistake! WELCOME to the the and improved tLp site, designed and installed by the lovely Robyn, from The Blog Boat designs on Etsy. we hired her do do a little work for us, and she was great! you can buy this design on her Etsy shop here. 

we hope you all like this new layout, new site, and new... everything! we sure do!

some FAQ's

Q:will all your old posts still be accessible?
A: yes! the old site on Weebly is still up and running, just not being updated. for the latest tLp news, check this site from now on!

Q: is Lauren still here?
A: YES! Lauren is still here! she will be posting greeting/birthday/everyday cards that will now have their own section! 

Q: why did you switch?
A: we just weren't feelin it with Weebly. it was a great starting platform, but we really wish that we had created our blog on an actual blogging platform. Weebly is great for actaul websites, but for us, it took a LOT of extra work. 

Q: why aren't you transferring your old posts to Blogger?
A: as mentioned above, Weebly has some restrictions. we weren't able to transport our blog without a huge headache, so we just decided to keep it up so you could access it any time you'd like to see old posts. 

any more questions? email us at thelollyprojectblog(at)gmail(dot)com. 

make yourself some coffee, have a look around, and enjoy the new site. 
(all opinions on this post are mine, this blog design belongs entirely to Robyn and Molly.)

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